Designing <richtext>

October 15, 2007

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I am designing <richtext> behavior for htmlayout/sciter… So far I like the way it allows to edit the text.

There are interesting usability problems bubble up sometimes… Let’s say you have following document:


And now imagine that you need to insert some text (paragraph) between the table and that pre block. Or insert paragraph (<p>) at the beginning of the document – before the <pre>…

I do not know any WYSIWYG HTML editor that allow to handle such operations.

So I have invented “horizontal caret” that marks start-block-position. Enter key in that position causes new paragraph to be inserted.

Here is an example of such caret – blinking black bar in top-left corner of the pre element:

richtext, horizontal caret

XML/HTML tokenizer (or pull parser?)

October 7, 2007

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Here is source code of my XML/HTML tokenizer:

See my article on CodeProject: HTML/XML scanner/tokenizer

Does not allocate any memory while parsing, extremely fast and compact.