HTMLayout, GoLang wrapper by EricRoy

January 27, 2013

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Project status

Go-htmlayout is written for Go1. Most of the HTMLayout API has been wrapped (especially dom element related stuff), but there is still more of the HTMLayout API that I haven’t tackled yet. Tests are also incomplete at this point. In short, this wrapper is probably not ready for serious production use.

Usability of tree and paged lists

January 26, 2013

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I’ve found first answer in this topic on StackExchange extremely representative.

That reminded me discussion we had when were designing the first version of Evernote application.

Initially the Evernote has UI organized as “endless tape of notes”. Here is one of sketches that I did at that time:

Challenge there was to provide UI that allows the user to find notes quickly without need of excessive scrolling.

Each note may have so called tags (a.k.a. labels) assigned. By clicking on tag (left side bar) the tape will get filter applied – only notes with such tag are shown.

By expanding the tag (“+” sign) you can see intersection of notes that have this tags and some others. For example here click on hello->world (on the left) will give you set of notes with the condition has-tag:"hello" AND has-tag:"world" (see top bar):
Note tape with filter applied

And if you type “wonderful” in the search field you will get filter has-tag:"hello" AND has-tag:"world" AND has-text:"wonderful" applied.

This will give you single note:
tape with text filter

Pretty convenient I would say.