October 9, 2015

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After 6 years Sciter Engine finally got its own home :

The site is not complete though, I am still working on content, documentation in particular. The plan is to combine in one place stuff that was spread across many sites and blog articles.

Forum users are advised to re-register on Sciter’s new forum at hope you will find it more comfortable.

Note #1: we have changed Sciter prices.

Note #2: Sciter’s versions RSS channel is here, please update your links.


October 6, 2015

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Mr Ramon F. Mendes have published his Omni tools that allow to use Microsoft Visual Studio to design markup and Sciter specific code:
TIScript support in Visual Studio by Omni

I’d recommend to give a try to this great tools, you will love them!

Experiments with acrylic paints.

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Never tried acrylic paints before, and here we go:

view from Richmomd on Vancouver Island

view from Richmond towards Vancouver Island

It’s naïve of course but reflects my mood at that sunny day on Westcoast.