HTMLayout: fast, lightweight and embeddable HTML/CSS renderer and layout manager component

HTMLayout is not supported anymore, please use Sciter instead. Sciter is a superset of HTMLayout and works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Currently HTMLayout is installed and works on more than 6,700,000 PCs in various software products of various companies.

This means that almost 43 thousands users per day download and install HTMLayout based products.

HTMLayout uses its own lightweight HTML rendering engine which gives your applications:

  1. Fast HTML rendering with very short readiness times.
  2. HTML and CSS enhanced for screen layout tasks. %% units and expandable backgrounds allow to use more flexible and "screen oriented" layout schemas.
  3. Custom behaviors API allow you to define how HTML elements will be drawn, react on keyboard and mouse events.
  4. Low level interaction with the host application. No intermediate component technologies involved. Just pure API calls, like in any other native Windows common controls. HtmLayout uses WM_NOTIFY mechanism for interacting with the host window.
  5. Small distribution size: HtmLayout.dll is about 600KB uncompressed.
  6. No dependencies from installed browsers on client PC.

HtmLayout helps you to:

  • Create applications with the "Web style" user interface.
  • Separate presentation layer from user interaction logic in your applications.
  • Manage layout of complex input forms.
  • Create "skinable" user interfaces. You can now use HTML files as "skins" for your applications.
  • Build help systems, HTML book readers, lightweight browsers, etc.
  • Develop applications with support of several UI languages. Each language (or locale) has its own requirement for screen layout as the same phrase (e.g. input field caption) could have different length in different language. Just create different HTML resources for different languages. HTMLayout will render all captions (as if they are just HTML text) and automatically adjust input fields (control windows) positions.
  • Create resizeable screen layouts.
  • Print and print preview your HTML documents. Extended printing API allows you  to tune up your HTML printing output in various directions.
  • HtmLayout is a natural solution for reports.

HtmLayout is a "native" window class implementation and is distributed in binary form as native Windows DLL (dynamic load library).

HTMLayout does not use any heavy component technologies this is why its startup time is just zero. And couple words about its light weight.  .... well, not words just numbers:

  IE 6.0 FireFox 1.0 Opera 7.5 HTMLayout
Mem Usage (Active window) 8,300 kb 11,000 kb 6,200 kb 5,100 kb
Mem Usage (Non active window, iconized) 1,900 kb 1,500 kb 2,700 kb 550 kb
Peak Mem Usage 19,000 kb 23,000 kb 15,548 kb 9,100 kb
Handles 344 194 117 128
GDI Objects 228 160 351 54

These numbers were taken while browsing the Complexspiral Redux page (basic HTML and CSS level 1) in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and HTMLayout (browser.exe).

Numbers are not precise - they just give you rough estimation of what to expect.

Actually such comparisons are not exactly fair to be honest.  HTMLayout designed to be an embeddable component. So we have different priorities in our engine design therefore  different optimization targets.


HTMLayout distribution is not available. Use Sciter Engine instead.